Jimmy Khaw

Jimmy Khaw studied advanced hair cutting at Sunny Hair Studio (Unisex) in Malaysia and received a certificate on September 23, 1988. He worked from 1988 to 1991 as a barber/hairstylist. He moved to Canada in 1991 in search of a place to pursue his career. In a very short amount of time, Jimmy found a job at Class A Hopedale Mall where he worked for 22 years prior owning and working at JL's Hair Salon in 2013.
Jimmy enjoys conversing with his clients with care and wants to create a unique environment for their stay. His dedication to his professionalism will serve all his clients with exceptional service and specific needs.

Tiana Adames

Tiana Adames studied Hair Styling at Infotep in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2007. She started her own Salon in 2008 and ran it successfully until 2011 when she came to Canada. She has continuously updated her skills by taking several courses at Milano Hair Academy in Mississauga. Because of the ethnic diversity of her home country where there are all hair types, she can work her magic on any type of hair. The Dominican "Blowout", whereby hair is straightened using only a blow dryer is one of her specialties.
If you've been disappointed with the results at Black hair salons in the past, please come and see Tiana. You will be glad you did.

Lina Khaw

Lina Khaw is not only the owner of JL's Hair Salon, she is also responsible for managing the daily operations of the business and taking care of the staff and customers. She ensures the success of the business and focus by maintaining a top notch customer relationship and satisfaction.

Jerry & Leilani Oracion

Business Partner
Jerry Oracion studied at Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, Philippines in the field of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Years after graduating, he went abroad to work in the hotel industry in Saudi Arabia for 10 years. Jerry moved and immigrated to Canada in 1995 to join his wife, Leilani. Shortly after arriving, he worked in a restaurant in Oakville.
After a year, he got hired in an automotive industry where he is working at the moment. His Sister in law, Lina and wife, Leilani, encouraged him to become a business partner of JL’s Hair Salon as a new chapter in his life. He is very supportive for the future plan of the business. For the meantime, Jerry is maintaining the salon and assuring its cleanliness.